Everyone has a different body and needs, so the recommended frequency and style of massage varies from person to person. If you have had a recent injury or any serious medical concerns ask your physician if massage is safe for you and please get a Dr.’s note so we can have that on file. If you have a high temperature please wait until temperature normalizes before getting a massage.
Water and light stretching is necessary the following 48 hours after a massage. 

Massage releases a toxin called lactic acid (a bi-product of muscle movement) from your soft tissues. If you do not flush your system with enough water it will return to the soft tissues and cause soreness and stiffness. Stretching also helps with any soreness you may experience after a massage. Ice is highly recommended on body areas that were focused on. Have the ice on for 2-3 minutes and take it off for 5 minutes. Repeat for about 15-20 mins. You may use variations of heat and ice.
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Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Therapy
Trigger Point Therapy​
Chair Massage
Rehabilitation/Treatment Massage
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Pregnancy Massage
Geriatric Massage
Sports Massage
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Ice Massage
Myofascial Release
Active Isolated Release
Lymphatic Drainage